I have an update to my last post regarding my contract being one day short of allowing to get my discounted shares. It turns out that I was the only one aware that my last day of work was technically February 26. When I was told by a senior dude that my last day was February 12, I was under the assumption they were paying me until the 26th and those days would be comp time. As it turns out, one of the managers did some digging and discovered the HR system had actual last day as February 12. So as far as the company was concerned, the 12th was the last day, full stop. That meant I’d be only be paid until the 12th as well.

I dug up the signed offer letter, which clearly states that the company would employee me until the 26th. Someone on the HR side definitely screwed up somewhere. Anyways, long story short, the company’s mistake has been corrected and I will be getting one day extension to my contract to take me to the 29th. Had this not been a leap year, I wouldn’t have needed the extension since the 26th would have been the last business day of the month. Adding in the comp time I’ll be given, the last day where I’ll physically be at work is now the 19th, one week more than originally planned. Would I have preferred to have left on the 12th? Yes, of course, but working an extra week isn’t that bad and now I’ll get my stock.

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