As many of you know, I’m looking forward to the end of my current employment contract. I really need some time off to sleep in and do whatever. I’m really good at sleeping in and doing whatever. After the hard work of finishing a video game, sleeping in and doing whatever nourishes the soul, at least my soul. My original end date was going to be the 26th of February but it looks like it’s going to be earlier. No, they’re not ending my contract early. I’ll still be paid until the 26th but I just don’t have to be at work. This is the much-loved “comp time” that seems to be exclusive to the video game industry, the reward for working OT during the project.

Someone threw out a date of how much earlier I can leave but I just need to make sure that date has been agreed upon by all parties. If that date holds true, I won’t have a lot of time left which is totally awesome! I’m already thinking about how good it will be to spend all day in my PJs eating fried foods and playing video games.

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