So a friend from grad school is having a multi-hour layover at YVR tomorrow. I also have the day off at work, so I’m going to meet him at the airport. It will be nice to catch up and have lunch together. The easiest way to get to the airport to get on the Skytrain, take it to the downtown core, and then transfer over to the Canada Line. That involves transferring zone boundaries though and I only have one-zone transit pass. That means I’ll have to pay an extra $1.25 going that route. There is an alternative however.

There is a bus near my home that goes to one of the Canada Line stations in Richmond. That’s great because the fare for buses are just one zone, no matter how many zones they cross. This particular bus actually doesn’t cross any boundaries at all but gets me near the airport. It also is at most, just ten minutes slower than if I just used Skytrain all the way.

Is all this worth saving $1.25? Maybe? Maybe not?

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