This was not a good weekend of healthy eating. After a long week, I decided to chow down on a big old plate of carbs for Friday dinner. I was in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs. Technically, the meat and the tomato sauce wasn’t really that bad for me. The large amount of pasta, however, wasn’t too carb friendly. It was enough of a meal that I thought I’d have leftovers for lunch but to my surprise, I ate the whole thing in one sitting.

I woke up late on Saturday, so I didn’t have breakfast. The first thing I ate that day was a Chinese green onion pancake. It’s essentially a flaky, delicious, and fried piece of pastry. I guess I decided I needed more carbs. To my credit, I skipped lunch partly from guilt and partly from laziness. Later in the day, I went to the grocery store to buy some soy milk for coffee. I also bought a whole bag of Doritos. After getting home, I started watching Hockey Night in Canada and eating the Doritos. One period of hockey later, there were very few Doritos left. I felt tired soon afterwards, so I crawled into my bed to nap. Part of me doesn’t regret that because weekends are about dragging your Doritos cheese stained ass into bed for naps in the middle of the day.

After waking up about an hour later, I decided I needed real dinner. At this point, I really should have had a salad but I decided to go all in and got a Teen Burger combo at A&W. The burger and fries really hit the spot. To my credit though, I refused a soda and drank water instead. My midnight snack consisted of five perogies.

On Sunday, I had another green onion pancake for breakfast (they’re just so good) and didn’t really eat anything else until dinner with my parents. Because I was in the presence of adults again, we had green beans with chicken and a pork chop dish. It was the healthiest meal I had all weekend.

I will try to eat salads all week for lunch now.

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