As a general rule, I try to not ingest any caffeine after 4pm as I susceptible to its stimulant effects. If I break this rule, it can affect my ability to fall asleep.

Well, I was working a bit late this evening. The meal served to us was Greek food, which is one of my favourites. There was no lamb unfortunately but the chicken souvlaki was good enough. After dinner, I intended to get a nice cup of mint tea. While the green tea that EA serves is terrible, I’ve become quite fond of this refreshing, yet non-caffeinated mint tea. It’s a great choice for a post-dinner palate cleanse.

So after dinner, I’m at the coffee and tea station, with all the intentions of making a cup of mint tea. I must have been distracted by conversing with a co-worker because I grabbed a green tea bag instead and dropped it into my mug of hot water. Now you’d think I would have noticed once the tea had finished steeping and I had my first sip. Yes, that would be logical but I was concentrating on my work once I got back to my desk and tasting green tea isn’t exactly something that’s foreign to me. Indeed, it’s one of the most common things I drink. So yeah, I didn’t notice anything wrong at all.

It only dawned on me at midnight, when I was wondering why I was not feeling tired after a very long day at work. I had consumed a very strong and large mug of green tea at around 7pm. I’ve since taken a sleeping pill. I feel like it will counteract the caffeine soon. I’ll get that cup of mint tea tomorrow.

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