So the web site I referenced in my last post is back up but I’m going to save that post for tomorrow as there is something else I want to get to. Last evening, as I wrote yesterday, I returned home from my parents’ place after a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. For the remainder of the evening, I played video games, ate more food (I’m getting fat), and remotely logged into my work computer to work on a task I needed done. As is often the case, I went retired to my bed chamber well past 2am. As my alarm was set for 8:30am, I knew I was in for a rough morning. There was nothing I could do though, so I just went to sleep.

In the morning I awoke, not because of my alarm but naturally. This is a common occurrence as I get older, I wake more often during sleep. Since my alarm had not gone off, I closed my eyes again to catch whatever sleep remained. After an indeterminate period of time, I awoke again and I noticed my alarm still had not gone off. Curious, I grabbed my phone to check the time. It was exactly 10am on the dot. I instantly realized what had happened. On Sunday evening, I had turned my alarm off because of the long weekend. I’ve frequently forgotten to do this, only to be unnecessarily woken up on a holiday Monday from an alarm that should have been off. Alas, this time the opposite had happened, which most would agree is the worse of the two scenarios.

I had perhaps a picosecond of panic before I realized I wasn’t really that late for work and I wasn’t scheduled to be in any meetings this morning anyways. I did, however, send off an e-mail to two engineers that definitely needed to know I was going to be late. With that done, I proceeded to get ready at a steady yet not rushed pace. I didn’t skip any of my grooming or hygiene tasks. I also made sure I just didn’t wear anything willy-nilly from my closet.

Despite waking up an hour and a half later than when my alarm goes off, I was only late by an hour. As I strolled into work just before 11am, I saw a surprising amount of cars pulling into the campus parking lots. Were these people late like I was or were they coming in at their normal times? Anyways, despite being “late”, no one gave me any grief about it. I have to say it was literally refreshing to be at work today. I got nearly eight hours of sleep last night and that’s rare for a work night. Because of that, I was very perky all day and didn’t require any caffeine of any sort. There was no afternoon lull or sag. What an interesting perspective on getting proper rest.

Rest assured that my alarm is now back on for tomorrow, when I undoubtedly will not be as full of vigour.

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