The fire alarm went off twice while I was trying to sleep last night. The first was about an hour or two after I retired to my bed. The second time was closer to morning but still well before my scheduled wake up time. Both times I ignored it because my building has so many false alarms.

Later I discovered the alarms went off because someone pulled them in the parking lot of the retail complex below. When they built all three apartment towers and the retail, some genius decided to connect all the fire alarms. This meant an alarm in one building initially led to all the alarms going off in every building. Over the years, a massive amount of work has gone into separating the alarms. Most of this work is general red-tape BS as various groups and the city have chimed in to figure how to best fix the problem. As an example of how bad this was, a fire alarm in one of the apartment buildings originally triggered alarms in the movie theatre. Because of several firewalls, a fire in either of those places could not reach the other.

As I was reminded last night, the work is still not finished and many more false alarms are in my future.

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