This evening, I’ll be attending the NHL 16 wrap party as a guest of my friend. Said friend has a wife but I think she has grown tiresome of these things, as she’s had the chance to attend many of them. I suppose there are only so many parties, attended by so many nerds that you can stand before you’d rather just stay home.

This is actually the same friend who allowed me to be his +1 for the EA holiday party last January. That indirectly led me to having my current job, so I still owe a great debt of gratitude to him. I’ve never attended someone’s wrap party other than my own. Other than my friend, I don’t know anyone on the NHL 16 dev team. That team sits two floors below me, so I’m sure they’ve seen my face around. I bet they’ll recognize me at the party and wonder why I’m there.

I feel like I’ll probably stick close to my friend for most of the party. I guess this is what it feels like to be a game development spouse when they attend one of these shindigs. I’m gonna quietly drink their beverages, eat their food, and hopefully win one of their raffle prizes (if they have any).

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