I took a nap this evening, which is quite normal. I often take naps as I find it leaves me feeling more rested the next day. Tonight’s nap was a bit longer than usual but I thought it would be ok as I would just take a sleeping pill later. The sleeping pill would allow me to fall asleep again so that I could get a normal night’s sleep.

Well, it’s after midnight now and I just discovered I’m all out of sleeping pills. Because of my extra long nap, I feel very awake right now. The drug store downstairs was open until 12am but I didn’t realize I was out of the pills until after that. I’m too lazy to go find a 24 hour drug store so I’m stuck with what I have at home. I managed to fish out a bottle of melatonin pills that expired over three years ago. I’m not really concerned about the pills expiry date, it’s just that melatonin doesn’t really affect me too much and definitely is not as effect as a regular sleeping pill.

Oh well, it might be a long night.

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