I wore shorts today as I promised in my last post but I questioned the sanity of my choice as I walked onto the Skytrain platform this morning. The skies were grey, the temperatures were cool, and the rest of the assembled commuters were wearing considerably more clothing than I. I saw coats, jackets, and perhaps even a scarf; pants were common. It got better once I got inside a train car.

I didn’t even have to wait a second for a bus, so I was spared standing outside. Once I was on the bus, I was quite relieved I wore summer clothes. The bus was fairly full and the number of closed windows meant it got a bit stuffy within minutes. I was comfortable in my shorts though.

The short walk to the studio from the bus stop was pleasant and not cold. In fact, I actually saw a bit of blue sky opening up between the clouds. I was basically inside for the rest of the day, so it didn’t matter what happened to the weather. The sun did come out briefly in the afternoon though, which was nice to see. By quitting time though, the sun had retreated and clouds had come back again.

The weather forecast calls for rain until at least Monday, so I’ll have to switch back to pants for the foreseeable future.

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