I try to respect people’s privacy, I really do. Sometimes though, it’s difficult not to see something during a casual glance, like on public transportation. I was on Skytrain last week on my way home. I was standing even though there were plenty of empty seats because I sit for too long at work. From where I was standing, I was right next to two seated women who were facing away from me. I looked down at them casually and saw one woman was on her iPhone, texting someone.

I really wasn’t planning on spying on her conversation but you know how these things happen. Whoever was texting her had said they just got a data plan on their phone and was using it to keep connected to friends and family. The lady then text her friend back with:

“Don’t overdue it!”

As I read that, I recoiled in silent horror. First, because of the spelling mistake and second, at myself for having such a bad reaction to a simple spelling mistake. She seemed like a pleasant and nice woman. We all mistakes and I know I sure as hell do. Grammar and spelling though, for some reason, I’m a particular stickler for. I have often said that proper spelling and grammar are one of the things that separates us from being basic animals.

Oh well, I’m not sure where I was going with this. Oh man, it’s Monday, that sucks. Enjoy your week everyone.

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