Do you eat canned soup? I do but only Campbell’s Chunky, it’s one of the few types of canned soup that I find hearty enough. Years ago, I tried a can of tomato soup. I don’t know what I expected, it was basically watered down tomato paste. So yeah, I stick to Chunky soup now. For years, the soup came in a heavy can with a pull top lid. Heating up soup was dead simple, you didn’t even need a can opener.

A few days ago, though, I noticed something different about the cans. I bought three cans of the soup from Walmart. All of them had old-fashioned lids, the ones that required a can opener. I probably hadn’t seen these type of lids on a can of Chunky’s in about ten years, probably more. What gives? This particular food product is now more difficult to use. Most manufacturers try to make their food products easier to consume but not in this case. The Campbell’s web site, however, still shows the old cans with the pull top. Is this a temporary change? I don’t know. I could theorize that this change was done to lower costs. That’s only a theory though as I don’t know how much it costs to manufacture cans with different types of lids.

How does this affect my life? It’s only a minor inconvenience as I own a pretty damn good can opener that is easy to use. Do I prefer the pull top lids? You bet I do as it saves me about five seconds per can. Maybe the social media team over at Campbell’s Canada can help me solve this mystery. I will keep you posted.


  1. You did buy it at Walmart. Probably 10 year old stock they found at the back of the warehouse. Let me know if you need some Imodium for the food poisoning.


  2. Ya I just bought some for a short backpack trip and found the openers missing. They were so convenient i have used hundreds of them. Grrrr!!!!

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