As I have written previously, I was in the process of changing mortgage lenders in the last few months. My previous mortgage ended its term on July 3rd. After signing the last of the paperwork, July 3 came and went and I didn’t hear from anyone. My mortgage broker was silent, my old mortgage company didn’t send me a goodbye message, and more importantly, I heard nothing from my new lender.

Just to be sure, I phoned the new people who actually own my condo now, Street Capital Financial Corporation. The nice lady on the phone asked me if I knew my mortgage number and I was honest with her, I did not, because I had not received any formal documentation from them. After a few minutes of looking, she found my file and said that at least from her end, everything looked fine. She also told me that they would be sending me a welcome package. I was relieved to hear that but that was over two weeks ago and I still haven’t received anything in the mail.

The most interesting thing is that I have made a mortgage payment in about three weeks. No one has been deducting any money from my bank account. I believe that if all goes well, the first payment from the new lender will happen this Friday. Who knows if that will actually occur though.

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