Former astronaut and Canadian living legend Chris Hadfield visited Comic-Con for the first time this week. As someone with that much street cred within the “geek” community, he probably could not have walked the show floor without having stop frequently for pictures. As such, he joined Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame in his yearly attempt to dress up in a costume without anyone realizing who he is.

For 2015, Savage replicated the space suits from 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the video above, we see both of them go over the suits in detail, including the cooling system and the lunch boxes that Adam made. The video also shows them at the show and it appears that no one was able to recognize them with the helmets on. From a personal perspective, it looks like they were staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt (where I stayed in late February) as the golf cart ride they took from the show to the hotel is along the seawall which I’m quite familiar with now.

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