For those of you who don’t know, there’s a drug store in Canada called Shoppers Drug Mart. There’s one downstairs from where I live, so it’s convenient for me to go get my drug store items at that location. Shoppers runs this free points card program called “Optimum“. When you buy stuff, you get points on your card which you can redeem later for free crap. It’s a bit of a scam though as it takes almost a billion points for you to get a free stick of gum.

In reality, it’s all about getting consumer data. When you fill out the membership form, they get all sorts of data like your gender, age, and address. Once you start accumulating points, Shoppers knows what your spending habits are.

As an example, I checked my mail this evening and found a coupon Shoppers had mailed to me, as an “exclusive” for Optimum members. It was a coupon for a shampoo that gradually turns greying hair back to a darker colour. This product is made especially for men. Thanks Shoppers for reminding me I’m getting old and that I might require a product that will cover up the inevitable signs of my march towards my grave. It’s clear they took into account my age and gender and decided that I fit the demographic that would need such a product.

I can’t wait until they start sending me coupons for adult diapers.

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