After work this evening I went to the post office to pick up my used PS3 that I had won in an auction. I was sorta excited to get it but I was mostly just wanting to see if it worked properly. After all, this was pre-owned console and I wasn’t sure if it was damaged during shipping.

When I opened the box, I was expecting a lot of cosmetic damage as the description said there would be scuffs and scratches. I didn’t see any of that but there were two missing rubber feet on the bottom of it, which was in the description as well.

The console powered up fine and there appeared to be no errors. I quickly checked but the previous owner had not left any homemade porn on the hard drive. The PS3 did need to be updated though as the latest software for it was released just ten days ago.

My 14-day warranty starts now though, so I decided I’d better put it through its paces now rather than later. I immediately started playing a Blu-ray disc to test the disc drive. The picture quality was great, though not that much different from my standalone player. I left the movie playing for the whole two hours or so while I made dinner, ate, and wash the dishes. I wanted to see if it would overheat or if the drive would fail. Nothing like that happened though and the movie ended.

Next, I put in a game that I had borrowed from the library at work. It also booted up fine. Though the first Uncharted game was and is still highly regarded as one of the best early PS3 games, it was easy to tell the world has moved on. I’m currently playing GTA V on the PC and there is no comparison. Alas, I got the PS3 to play the classics I missed out on so it’s ok if the games aren’t as shiny as the current generation of titles.

I’m happy to own a Sony product again as the last thing I had of theirs was a Playstation 1. I’m looking forward to 2024 when I should be just getting my PS4.

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