I am totally late to the Keith Apicary party but I think he deserves any and all recognition. Apicary is a creation of comedian, actor, and dancer Nathan Barnatt. Barnatt’s characters has appeared on television and YouTube, and he was even scheduled to be a dancer on Michael Jackson’s tour before MJ’s untimely death.

While Barnatt conjured up several entertaining characters, his alter-ego as Keith Apicary is probably the most famous and the one I like the most. Keith is a bit of a simpleton, has a clear love of video games, and is a surprisingly good dancer. He’s shown up at various gaming conventions like E3 but he received the most exposure from the above video. In 2012, Barnatt showed up unannounced and in character for an audition as a dancer in a Kimberly Cole music video. He looked completely out-of-place until his slick moves shocked everyone there. He was asked if he had any formal dance training but he denied having such training, attributing his skill to video games. Interestingly, the audition video featuring Apicary actually has more views than the official music video that was eventually made.

If you like to see more of Keith, I recommend this video, where he called out Dolph Ziggler of the WWE. Capri Suns for everyone!

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