The final few hoops of my new mortgage are being jumped through now. The part where I meet with the lawyer and they get some documents from me is coming up. I thought I’d have to do go downtown and drop by their office but when it was time to schedule the appointment on the phone they told me they worked Saturdays as well. That caught me by surprise and they even told me the lawyer was willing to come by my home to get the documents. Before I gave it any more thought I had scheduled the lawyer to drop by my place this Saturday. After I got off the phone, I realized that my place is a mess.

I called back the next day to see if they were willing to just meet me at work instead, which would have been closer to their office but I was told the appointment was set in stone already. So now I gotta clean up my place so I can give the lawyer the impression I don’t live like a bum. I’ve had plumbers and other tradesmen in my place but this is the first time a lawyer has ever made a house call. I hope he wears the wig.

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