For at least the last two days the greater Vancouver area has been suffering from a heat wave. Over the weekend, the high temperatures broke several records in the province. Here near the coast, things were a tiny bit cooler but not by much. It was still uncomfortably warm for most of the weekend.

I saw a lot of people out and about who had bought fans in an attempt to keep cool. Whether it’s stubbornness or laziness or both, I still don’t have a fan in my home. I just don’t think it stays hot enough in my apartment to warrant having a fan. My place faces somewhat north, so I only get direct sunlight for a few hours before sunset. Vancouver has a notoriously short summer and within that short window, it only gets uncomfortably warm maybe a whole week in total.

I think if I were to get something to deal with the heat, I’d go all out and get a portable air-conditioning unit. Luckily, the heat has abated somewhat already. It rained very briefly this evening and there has been a strong breeze coming through the windows for several hours now. The heat looks like it will return during the week but I’m glad I’ll be at work where the A/C works wonderfully!

2 thoughts on “HEAT WAVE”

  1. Geneva has been doing something similar, though I picked up two fans while rummaging through the used furniture market in the city … and man am I happy about those purchases now. I am thinking about taking one of the two fans I have at home and getting them to work … even though there is massive air conditioning units on this building (my office is in the cern data center) they apparently didn’t want to spare the extra work of cooling our offices on top of the compute farm. At least I have a big window 🙂

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