I’ve just completed my first two months of my year-long contract at EA. By my math, which may or may not be that good now, that’s one-sixth of my way through. Despite passing the two-month mark, I have yet to update my Facebook nor my LinkedIn accounts with my new job. The reason for this is purely superstitious. Though there is absolutely no logic behind this, part of me believes that if I update my accounts too soon, I invite bad things upon my employment status. Perhaps this stems from my first stint at UFG, where I was laid off just two months into a six-month contract. Whatever the reason is, I always wait several months before letting everyone know where I work now. If there’s a probationary period, I’ll wait until it passes or I’ll wait until I feel like I’m relatively safe from being fired or laid off.

On Halo, I waited until I realized there was so much work to do and not enough people around to do it before announcing to the social media world I was on that project. For my current job, I’m still not sure when the right time is. No one has mentioned a probationary period to me, so it’s possible I won’t have that milestone to work with. I could also wait until my project is announced publicly, then it’ll be easier to talk about without needing to be vague. Most likely, I will wait until I feel comfortable and secure in my role. I think I’ll need a few more weeks before that happens.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m discussing all of this on my blog without any worry, good for your observational skills. My blog has been with me since 2002. It was social media before I knew what social media was. I feel comfortable writing about anything here. Plus, I like giving you fine people, my loyal readers, the scoop!

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