I’m not sure when they started doing this but Safeway Canada tweets out an amazing deal every Monday. The deal usually involves two or three items that you have to buy together and the price is around $6. There is some choice in items you can buy. Take for example today’s deal:

There were many varieties of perogies to choose from, as well as different gelato and ice cream flavours. On a normal day, these three items would have totaled over $12 together but with today’s deal it was just $5.99. I like perogies, sour cream, and ice cream so it was an easy choice for me.

Last week’s deal was:

I’m not a big fan of gnocchi and parmesan, so I let this one pass. I didn’t get in on the following deal but I sure would have!

If you decide to partake in any of these deals, I believe you have to inform the cashier when they ring it up. I’ve also heard people say you can’t buy anything else on the same bill. Not sure about that one. I know if you do the self-checkout, one of the Safeway staff has to enter in a special code for the deal to work. I tried scanning all three items and the prices remained non-discounted. Happy saving!

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