I have a very unique name. Not a lot of people named their kids “Erwin” these days, no matter how they spell it. I’ve gone through my life meeting very few people with my name. Back in 2008, EA hired a contract artist who had my name but he spelled it differently. That was the first time I worked with anyone that had my name, even if the spelling was different. His contract ended and I became the only “Erwin” on the team again.

A few weeks ago, I learned that there is already another “Erwin” on my current team. He spells it “Irwin” but I won’t hold that against him. He’s been on the team long before I was but then again, given the pedigree of the team, could you not say I was actually there before he was and I just came back after a long absence? Well, that matters little now I suppose. I wonder if he feels like I’ve invaded his turf with my “Erwin”. He’s a QA guy, which is interesting because I used to be a QA guy too. Imagine if we were both QA guys on the same team. They’d have to label us as “Erwin” with an “E” or “Irwin” with an “I”.

Well, my contract is over in 11 months, so after that he can go back to being the only “Irwin” on the team.

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