This morning I’m getting on the bus to get to work when I see a co-worker get on with me. We both wound up at EA after working at UFG on Halo together. The bus is usually full of students but there’s enough room for us to get seats, though not together. We both get aisle seats across from each other about three rows from the back of the bus.

As the bus pulls away, the last few passengers get on. There are about only three people standing, which is a pretty empty bus that takes students by a polytechnical school. The three people who are standing go right to the back of the bus, which normally is the right thing to do. My friend and I are having a conversation, which should be clear to anyone who has observed human behaviour before. As the standees are moving to the back of the bus, the third guy stands right between myself and my friend and turns his body so he now is blocking the both of us from continuing our conversation. I look up and of course it’s a stupid student with his headphones on, pretending to be oblivious to the situation.

I look to see if he actually he needs to be squished right up to where is because of more people on the bus. Nope. He is literally the only person standing closest to the front of the bus. The whole 4/5ths of the front of the bus is free of people and free for him to move to. If he even just moved one foot forward, he wouldn’t be acting like a dick.

So now my friend and I are trying to talk around this asshole who clearly knows we’re there trying to have a conversation. I really wanted to punch him in the penis but that would have made me late for work. Luckily, the bus ride is less than ten minutes. Eventually, it just becomes to awkward to talk around this douchebag but our stop is coming up anyways.

As I’m about to get up, I decide to exact some payback. Since he’s right next to me, I get up and then step on this fucker’s foot with all my weight. I make eye contact with him, give him a look and I say, “Oh sorry buddy, didn’t see you there” and I then proceed to get off the bus.

That idiot was a total moron. I know he has exams coming up and I hope he fails all of them.

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