I think I fell asleep around 3am last night and I woke up just after 8am this morning. While the rest of the world returned to work from the holidays, I found myself in bed and still under the weather. The good news was my nose was less congested compared to the weekend. I grabbed my phone and surfed the Internet for about an hour before I started feeling tired again. I closed my eyes and the next time I opened them, it seemed a lot later. I checked the time and I was startled to see it was almost 3pm. Whoa. I had not been getting a lot of sleep in the last few days and I supposed my body was comfortable enough to sleep about 11 hours in total.

I got up and the first thing I did was to phone my new ISP about the status of my new Internet connection. As many of you know, I switched ISPs and the original plan was for everything to be ready tomorrow. I’ve been without in-home Internet service since the early morning of December 31. From that date, I’ve been relying on just the Internet access I have through my cell phone. It’s not the fastest connection and also when I set my phone to be a mobile wi-fi hotspot, it becomes very flaky. This leaves my other computing devices at home with very limited connectivity. To say that I’m ready to have a real Internet connection again would be an understatement.

When I got my new ISP on the phone, I discovered that my connection date had been moved two days forward. So instead of having it ready on Tuesday, today, it would be connected on Thursday. Not only that, I would have to home for a Telus dude to come check some wiring in my hallway closet. Even though I’m no longer with Telus, a Telus dude has to do the wiring work. Here’s the real fun part, the window that I was given for this visit is 9am to 8pm. What kind of stupid work window is that? No wonder people hate the big cable and ISPs. They expect me to be home for nearly 12 hours on Thursday and be waiting the entire time so a Telus technician can grace me with their presence. I’m lucky that I’m not working right now but even so, the thought of having to wait half a day for a house-call seems stupid.

Ideally, the dude would arrive around noon, so I don’t have to get up too early and that also means I didn’t have to wait for him until after dinner. The worst-case scenario is he arrives around 7pm, meaning I would have wasted the entire day waiting around for him.

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