I finally weighed myself again last week. I was doing this in preparation to see how much weight I needed to lose before starting my job search. I knew I had gained a few pounds during the summer since I was at work so much and my diet was not the best. I decided to spend a whole month just eating whatever I wanted to before buckling down and getting to a healthier weight.

Before I did the weigh-in, I had noticed that I wasn’t looking that fat in the mirror. I chalked it up to just an illusion that I was trying to project onto myself and that I was indeed a bit chubby. Well, when I got back on the scale, to my surprise, I’d already lost about six pounds since I stopped working. I did this without doing an extra exercise or really watching my diet. In a previous post, I mentioned how I was already eating much less compared to when I working. It was this and the combination of getting a lot of rest every day that must have led to the weight loss.

I think I could easily just pat myself on the back and not get more exercise and continue to eat whatever I want but that’s not the right way to approach this. Going forward, I’ll try to be more active and start to watch my diet more. Once again, I’ve proven that when I don’t work, that will lead to weight loss.

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