As I type this, the current air temperature is -3 degrees Celsius, which is very cold for the greater Vancouver area. Despite putting on some warmer clothes. I wimped out and turned on the heat in my bedroom for a portion of the evening. The heat will be off again when I go to bed because I don’t want to use any more electricity while I’m sleeping.

In a related matter, if you were curious about how much extra electricity I’m using now since I’m all the time, I know this now. A few weeks ago, I received my electricity bill for the months of October and November. Usually when I’m working, I’m not home for a good portion of the day, meaning that many of appliances like my computer, lights, hot water dispenser, and stove are off. Now that I’m not working, many of these are running a lot more during the day since I’m not out as much. Normally, the bill comes to just over $20 a month for electricity. Since I’ve stopped working, that’s increased to about $30 a month. That’s not going to bankrupt me but that’s definitely a cost of being home all the time.

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