Last weekend, which saw the end of the first week of November, I was going to get some lunch near my home. On the way back, I walked past a large apartment complex with large floor to ceiling windows. One window caught my attention. There was a man who seemed to be decorating a Christmas tree. It was somewhat hard to tell what he was doing because of the distance but it appeared he was putting items on a tall, tree-shaped thing by his living room window. It sure looked like he already had his tree up. Keep in mind, this would have been before Remembrance Day. I’m not sure if I’d ever seen anyone jump the gun on Christmas tree like that.

Just this Friday evening, I looked out my living room window towards another apartment building about half a block away. There was no mistaking the lit up tree shape in one of the apartments. The lights had been dutifully strung up on large Christmas tree by the window. I know retailers are trying to push Christmas onto consumers as early as possible to capitalize on the shopping season but getting into the Christmas spirit before mid-November seems weird. As it stands, this one home will probably have the tree up for a month and a half. I suppose if you really want some mileage out of your tree, this is the way to go.

I understand this is a free country and hell, if you wanted your tree up year-round, that’s your right but how early is too early? Should the tree come out with the Halloween decorations?

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