I witnessed a car accident today from a unique vantage point. I was sitting in my window seat on a Skytrain car as it traveled at 70 km/h on the elevated tracks. We were heading west between Commercial Drive and Main Street stations. My train was just passing by a storage locker facility on Terminal Avenue. I hopefully this street view link works.

I saw a van which was parked at the edge of the parking lot, near where that beige sedan is in the street view but on the other side of the curb, in the parking lot itself. I also noticed a small sedan which was reversing away from the storage locker building, perpendicular in direction in relation to where the van was facing. I couldn’t tell why the sedan was reversing directly away from the building. I also thought it was odd that it was heading to the extreme edge of the parking lot, right where a curb was. It was getting closer and closer to the van and I waited for it stop before a collision was imminent. The sedan looked like it was backing up at around 20-25 km/h. It kept going though and I knew it had gone past the point of no return, it was going to hit the van.

It smashed into the van without nary a flash of the brake lights, which told me the driver had no clue the van was there. The van took the full brunt of the collision and it was the only reason the sedan had stopped. By now, my train was speeding past the accident and even though I craned my head to see more of the aftermath, I couldn’t witness any more of it. I looked around the train car and it appeared I was the only one who had noticed this.

I was full of questions now. Who was driving that sedan? Why were they reversing like that? What was going through their mind? Was the driver of the van in the van at the time of the accident? I couldn’t see if the van was occupied. If they were in the van, why didn’t they honk? What happened afterwards? Did they exchange insurance information? Did the sedan just take off?

I almost want to phone the storage locker place to see if they have any more info. I want closure on this. Let’s end this post with the intro to Storage Wars from season one.

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