So I just realized this evening that my track record for choosing jobs after a long break (either through a layoff or self-imposed) is pretty terrible.

As you might remember, I had all summer 2013 off when I was laid-off from PopCap Vancouver. The job I took after that sucked so hard. Previous to that, I took a four-month break after my contract at Radical Entertainment ended. The job I chose after that was also bad (but not nearly as bad as the post-PopCap one).

I need to really be more careful about my next job because I want to break this cycle. When I’ve changed jobs, that is gotten a new job while still being employed, those have been usually the best jobs. I’m not sure what the difference is. Is my judgment clouded due to a perceived desperation in needing a new job? I’m not sure, it’s not like I was about to lose my home when I chose these terrible jobs.

My next job needs to be a good one.

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