Today marks the release of Edge of Tomorrow on home video. The movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in my opinion was easily one of the best movies of the summer. I would say it was either this film or Days of Future Past that holds the #1 spot for me. Edge of Tomorrow was well-written, featured strong performances by Cruise and Blunt, and just was downright entertaining. It was one of those rare action movies that made you think but not too much.

People have said this movie had a disappointing box-office performance, especially in light of how good the movie was. It “only” made $100 million in North America which I guess is disappointing for a supposed blockbuster. I think it’s an absolute shame that more people haven’t seen this movie. Some attribute this to the loss of star power of Tom Cruise. Once an almost sure-thing at the box office, in recent years, his personal life and association with Scientology has tarnished his image. It’s clear that some people have stayed away from his movies just because of him. I personally don’t share any of his religious views but that didn’t stop me from enjoying his movie.

If you missed Edge of Tomorrow when it was in the theaters, I encourage you to catch it now that it’s on additional formats. Rent it, buy it, stream it, or download it (through whatever means you like), I believe you’ll find a thoroughly entertaining movie.

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  1. Have to agree with you, I watched it on an overseas flight this past weekend among about a half dozen other movies (it was a long flight) and this was the best. I am one of those clearly expecting a bad movie from Tom Cruise, and only watched because I was on a plane with limited options (I had already across two flight segments watched Godzilla, Total Recall, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Million Dollar Arm, and a Russian war movie called Stalingrad). This one was by far the best. Great movie.

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