I had dinner with a friend this evening after work, so I didn’t leave the downtown core until much later than usual. Going home, I took the train as usual but the crowd was slightly different from the commuter crowd.

Seats were plentiful when I got on but at the next stop, more people arrived and the seat next to me was taken by this young man. He appeared to be barely out of his twenties. He was nicely dressed but I could immediately smell his cologne. I have no idea what possesses men to put on copious amounts of cologne. Do they really think smelling so pungent is attractive to women? These aren’t pheromones buddy, it’s cheap body spray from Axe. I really wanted to move but by this time, all the seats were taken and I was beat.

Two stops later, things got worse. The seats in front of me vacated but then two young ladies grabbed them. It was clear they had been out for most of the evening. Both of them seemed to suffering from the summer heat. One was fanning themselves. Then the stench of stale body odour hit me. These gals seemed to smell like a homeless dude than proper young women. What I didn’t understand was they smelled like old sweat, not the stench of someone who recently exercised. It was gross whatever it was.

I almost bailed out of that seat but luckily the Old Spice dude found another seat to himself later so he moved away. That left me with the stinky chicks and that just tolerable.

I got home and showered immediately.

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