A raw leg of lamb has been sitting in my fridge since the weekend. I didn’t want it there any longer so I decided to cook it tonight. I got back kinda late from work though, so by the time I ate dinner, and had my two fingers of Dr. Pepper, time was running out. The recipe I use calls for first broiling the lamb on each side for about 15 minutes. I didn’t have time for that. Waiting for the oven to get up to that high temperature and then broiling on each side would have taken about an hour just for that one step. I had to improvise.

Since this particular leg was on the smaller size, it barely fit into my cast iron skillet but fit it did. I put the skillet on the stove top, added some olive oil, and let it get real hot. I seared the lamb on the outside for about five minutes. The lamb was nice and brown all over. Done! Saved about an hour right there.

I followed the recipe straight through after that. It came out of the oven looking pretty good. I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

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