So I was ravenous for lunch today. I didn’t have much of a breakfast so by the time noon rolled around, I was super hungry. I went down the street to SaladWorks that had just opened up, the first one apparently in Canada. I thought I’d be healthy and get the maple glazed salmon salad. It turned out to be ok but I was so hungry that this lunch-sized salad was pretty much just an appetizer to me. I knew I’d be hungry again well before the end of the work day.

Just like clockwork, I was hungry again around 3:30pm. I originally had my sight set on a cheeseburger of some sort but I settled on a bahn mi from DD Mau. I made a split second decision while ordering to get a full-sized sandwich instead of a half just because I sure as hell wasn’t going to feel hungry again before leaving work.

The sub was delicious and I was definitely was sated. I hope I don’t have to eat two lunches again tomorrow.

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