Just before noon, a coworker came over to the area near my desk and looked out the windows next to me. He had heard from someone that a shooting had occurred close by and he was trying to see if the crime scene was visible from our studio. We couldn’t see anything but it turned out the shooting happened about a block and a half from where we were.

Apparently the suspect shot the owner of a bicycle store just outside a Starbucks. Plainclothes officers just happened to be in the area and gave chase. The suspect then jumped onto a bike and proceeded down the seawall. Other police officers intercepted the suspect near Science World, a popular attraction for kids. There was an exchange of gunfire, during which the suspect was shot and incapacitated.

The video you see above is from near the original crime scene. You can see the suspect on the bike. The two people chasing after him are the plainclothes officers. It is unclear who fired the shots you can hear in the video.

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