A raven perhaps?

A few days ago, a coworker and I noticed a crow hanging out on a wire next to our fifth floor window. Birds don’t usually hang out next to our windows so this was something we’re not used to seeing. I thought this crow was just resting, as birds tend to do on wires, so I didn’t think about it beyond that.

This afternoon, I looked out my window and noticed two crows had built a nest amongst a set of transformers near where I saw the original crow. You can’t really see it in the thumbnail, so click on the picture to embiggen it. The nest is wedged between the pole and centre transformer. It seems to be made of mainly sticks. If I were a crow, I’m not sure if I would have selected that location. There’s a lot of foot traffic below. Compared to a busy street, there are fewer cars but lots of people day and night. I’ve seen crows get really protective of their nests before when they put them close to foot paths or sidewalks. They’ll divebomb people who get too close. I’ve heard they are intelligent birds but they easily could have observed how many people walk by a potential nesting site and decided it was too busy. I believe we might get some dive bombing here. Stay tuned.

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