I wore shorts to work for the first time this year. It was a liberating and great feeling. The weather got suddenly warm and sunny this week. Two weeks ago we were still dealing with rain and winter coats, now people are out and about in their summer gear.

As I was walking outside to get a coffee this afternoon, I was reminded that warm weather does have its downsides. Get all sweaty isn’t too fun. There is a perfect warm temperature that I like to be in. It’s also a combination of the right humidity level and just the right amount of wind, a light breeze if you will. It wasn’t perfect today but it was still pretty good. I could have used a bit more of a breeze.

We get another day of sun tomorrow before we head back to the almost a week of familiar rain. It’ll be rainy but at least the mild temperatures will stick around. Perhaps we can bring out the shorts again in mid-May.

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