I made some Salisbury Hamburger Helper yesterday and it was delicious. I know Hamburger Helper has a blue-collar reputation and isn’t considered fine dining, but oh man, Salisbury Hamburger Helper is so good. I don’t use ground beef however. I substitute in extra lean ground turkey. In my opinion, it’s a healthier choice. A whole box is good for about three people but I manage to eat all of it in about two days.

So far my car hasn’t been stolen nor towed nor ticketed since it’s been in the temporary parking spot. To be honest, I only checked on Tuesday evening, so it’s quite possible it’s gone and I don’t even know it. I should probably check on it tomorrow morning.

I got a giant chocolate bunny at Easter during the egg hunt we had at work. I hesitated opening the package because I knew I’d just eat the whole thing. I gave the bunny away to a co-worker. That was a wise choice. He has to deal with the bunny now. I see it on his desk now. He’s managed to eat the ears and part of the head. I wish him luck with the rest.

The rain has come back to Vancouver with a vengeance. It feels like fall with the heavy and relentless rain. I discovered there’s a whole in one of my shoes. My foot was wet all the way home.

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