For reasons that still escape me, my garbage disposal unit is not working. I was hand washing some dishes last and went to flip the switch. Nothing happened. I heard a slight hum as if the motor wanted to run but it was caught on something. I got a flashlight and poked around in there. I couldn’t see the culprit. I saw bits of food but nothing that seemed like it would stop the blades of a garbage disposal unit. It was getting far too late for me to continue diagnosing so I just left it.

This happened to me once before. Unbeknownst to me, a ceramic spoon had fallen into the unit. I turned it on and was greeted by a horrible crunching noise. I quickly cut the power and went to look at the crime scene. Pieces of white ceramic had wedged into the blades. It took me several days to pick out all the broken bits. That was a terrible exercise in frustration. I triumphed, however, and the garbage disposal had been working fine until this most recent calamity.

At least with the previous problem, it was clear what the issue was. I don’t even know what’s wrong this time. I loathe to call a plumber though, as they are expensive and prone to showing crack. This is the type of thing that seems perfectly tailored for using a Saturday afternoon to solve.

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