This evening I had dinner with my parents. It was a rather nice dinner. I was explaining to them how my new job was different from my last job. One of the things I mentioned was that my new place of employment has more free food than my last place. My mother picked up on that and said that it was a shame I wasn’t doing my “summer of me” lifestyle anymore. That lifestyle consisted of lots of rest, lots of exercise, lots of time outdoors, and a healthier diet. She lamented how I was sitting at a desk for hours at a time and probably eating worse. She then mentioned that she thought my face had gotten pudgier and rounder since last summer.

That’s what I love about my mother and Moms in general. They’re straight up honest with their kids and don’t sugar coat nothing. In particular, my own mother loves commenting on the weight of her children. She’s verbalized her observations about my sister’s weight numerous times over the years, more frequently leading up to my sister’s wedding banquet a few years ago. It’s a good thing my sister has a healthy dose of self-esteem so she can laugh about such matters.

To be clear, I only weigh three pounds more than my slimmest weight during the “summer of me”. I’m currently at 158 lbs and have been since the early fall. It’s unlikely the three pounds went all to my face so I’m not sure what my mother was seeing today.

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