At the end of the summer I folded up my patio furniture, namely two chairs and a table, and slipped some fancy black garbage bags on them. This was to protect the furniture from the elements and the harsh winter weather. The bags fit the furniture quite well as the rectangular shape of all the items matched the shape of the bags.

For several months the bags did their job as the wind, rain, and cold set upon my balcony. As the wind blew, I would always hear the plastic of the bags rustling. It became a familiar sound at night. Well, several weeks ago, it became very, very windy. I noticed during the wind storm that I couldn’t hear the rustling of the garbage bags anymore.

The next morning, I went out onto my balcony and discovered all three bags had been blown off the furniture. They were nowhere to be seen and I assume they had escaped to the sky. I very impressed by the power of the wind. The bags were actually anchored in place by the weight of each piece of furniture so it must have been a fierce wind.

I wonder where those bags went.

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