When you walk the same general route to work every day at almost the same time of day, you expect to see some patterns, as I do each morning. On any given work day, I can expect to recognize perhaps three or four strangers as I make my way west towards Yaletown. This isn’t really interesting in itself as it’s no surprise that people get into a routine for work. What is interesting, is one particular gentleman who I see walking the opposite way.

I’m not sure exactly where this man is going, except that it’s east, generally in the direction away from Yaletown. He seems to be wearing the same thing every time I see him. No matter what the weather, he’s in a grey hoodie. The hoodie isn’t all that thick, so I believe he probably was quite cold during those absolutely freezing days in December. During that time, it was well below freezing and he was not warmly dressed. Even when it’s raining he was in the hoodie (though the hood was up). That’s not the most interesting part though. I’ve never seen this guy with both hands free during my walk to work. Without fail, every time I’ve seen him, he has a drink in both hands. One hand has what appears to be a disposable cup (coffee or tea) and in the other hand is a clear drink container with a straw. The clear container looks like a juice drink and it seems to be always yellow or orange coloured. I want to say he gets both drinks from Starbucks but I could be wrong.

We’re all creatures of habit and this gentleman’s morning habit appears to be wearing the same hoodie while holding the exact same two drinks every morning on the way to work. This is just an observation and not a criticism. Millions of people have the same cup of coffee in the morning on their way to work in the morning, so while his habit is different, it’s not crazily so. If I could ask him just one question, it would be, why the two drinks at the same time?


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