So during the summer, right near the beginning of the “summer of me”, I had a lot of attention from recruiters. I had just been laid off from PopCap, so people were using LinkedIn to figure out who had lost their jobs. Most recruiters were contacting me via LinkedIn messages, which means they weren’t even aware of what my e-mail address was. One company was a bit different.

About five minutes before my movie was about to start, I was standing in the concession line where I received a call on my cell phone. It was Google calling, specifically a Google recruiter. I was surprised to hear who was calling because my phone number isn’t listed publicly anywhere I know. I also didn’t send my resume to Google. My surprise last perhaps only a second when I realized it was Google and they probably know a whole lot more about me than I realize.

It then dawned on me that I actually did give my phone number to Google in some format. Because I have an Android phone, they of course know my phone number. Here’s the thing though, even though they have my number, the privacy of that number is set to be not visible to the public. It looks to me that some Google employees potentially have access to your information that isn’t visible to the public.

I never did ask the Google recruiter how he got my number. That question perhaps remained unasked because I didn’t want to know the answer. Be careful out there people!

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