It being the festive season, I’ve dined out the last two nights for dinner. Yesterday evening, I did the buffet at the River Rock Casino. I’ve been there several times with my family and it’s usually quite good. It doesn’t compare to say the Wynn buffet in Las Vegas but that’s an unfair comparison. This time it sucked though. The selection of food wasn’t great at all. There were a lot of filler items. Yam rolls at the sushi station. Large globs of stuffing next to the turkey. Some items were just very bland tasting. There was a fish dish that tasted like nothing. My scoop of cheese tortellini tasted like cardboard. The best thing I had that night was the won tons in soup. I was better off just going to a noodle joint. The worst thing about the whole evening is that both my friend and I both felt very uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. I had massive amounts of gas after getting home. We didn’t even eat that much! I finally got a case of the poops at 1am but felt much better after that. My friend was not so lucky. He had a grumbly stomach that kept him up until 5am.

Putting that dinner behind me, I met up with another friend this evening at Al Porto, a great Italian restaurant downtown. We had a very simple but fresh tasting bruschetta for starters. For my main course, I had a wonderful seafood risotto consisting of clams, mussels, prawns, and scallops. I finished off the meal with a chocolate torte. The whole meal was splendid and was the complete opposite of my buffet experience.

I might go back to the buffet at a later date but I’m definitely returning to Al Porto much sooner. Watch out for those buffet poops!

2 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO DINNERS”

  1. We had our Xmas party at the Buffett on Wednesday… So far 7 of us are very sick… We have to talk to the other 40 tommorrow … So you are not alone… Please call the river rock tommorrow as we did and report this… Sincerely randy hill

  2. Randy, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience! I thought it was just an isolated case. I hope everyone in your party is doing better now!

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