It's pizza...

Through social media, I found out that the local Boston Pizza in my area and possibly every BP across the country is donating $5 from every medium and large pizza sold on Monday to the relief efforts going on Philippines. This sounded like a great way to both get some food and to help out people in need. One of the individual Boston Pizza restaurants however, indicated that the money raised will go to World Vision. I don’t know why they did not choose to give the money to the Red Cross.

I know some people don’t care about this type of stuff but I strongly prefer to give my money to organizations that have no religious ties. The aid given to people in need shouldn’t have strings attached to it. People shouldn’t have to learn about Jesus just so they can get a bottle of water to stave off dehydration. This is the exact reason why I didn’t just choose the first organization I found to sponsor a child in need. My sponsor child in Africa get assistance without the need to read the Holy Bible.

I am going to follow-up with Boston Pizza corporate to see if they are indeed giving all the money to World Vision. If they are, I’ll skip the pie and just donate to the Red Cross.

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