I’m currently typing this post out using my TV as the display. For the last two days, my desktop computer has been having trouble connecting to my home network. Using the same network port, I’ve successfully connected another computer, a laptop, to the network using two different cables. If my logic is correct, that means it’s neither the port, the existing cables, nor my router at the other end.

So it must something in my desktop. I’ve run some diagnostics on the network card on my motherboard. It says it’s running fine but that can’t be true. If the on-board card is fried, I have a few options. I go all old school and install an actual network card in one of my PCI slots. I haven’t seen anything like this since the late 1990s or early 2000s. I could get a USB network adapter that is either wired or wireless. Wireless is slower but a bit more convenient. The old school solution is probably the most stable and will get me the fastest speeds.

Alternatively, if I were super rich, I’d just get a new computer altogether. For now, my desktop is like a computer from the 1980s, it doesn’t get any new data on it unless you physically plug in a disk or a drive.

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