On Friday evening I had no plans after work. I was thinking I’d go home, get some dinner, and then start relaxing for the weekend. Before I was about to head home, a friend of mine invited me to have a drink with him and another game developer we both know. They were the two Chrises.

They were at the Hastings Warehouse which I’ve been to before. It was a somewhat regular destination for a few us at PopCap Vancouver. I quite enjoy the place. The food is alright and the establishment has a bit of character.

After a few drinks, one of the Chrises got up from our table, walked to the back of the bar, got on all fours, and then proceeded to look into a small hole in the floor. He told me there’s a small peephole on the floor and if you look into it, you can see a lit diorama of sorts with dolls. The other Chris got up and did the same. By now, the two tables on either side of the hole were really curious as to what my companions were looking at. They said it was my turn to go look.

I got up and walked over to where they were getting on all fours. Sure enough, there was a small hole with a beam of light coming out of it. I kneeled down to look into the hole. There was this weird scene with dolls in a small space. I picked myself up from the floor and went back to my table.

A bit later, a young lady from another table also bent down to take a look at the hole. The whole thing was a bit weird.

If you’re ever at the Hastings Warehouse, look for the hole in the floor.

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