So despite finding out that my downstairs Tim Hortons is open 24 hours, I usually don’t frequent that place too often. If you look at it objectively, Timmy’s serves up a whole bunch of carbs, sugars, fats, and caffeine. There’s no deny that stuff can be packaged up in a tasty way but in general that stuff isn’t good for you.

I’m not sure how I discovered it but I found out recently that Timmy’s has this promotion where they are offering some of their specialty coffees for $1 for a small size. You get a choice between a mocha, a latte, and a french vanilla cappuccino. For whatever reason, even though I don’t drink coffee, I decided to try the french vanilla. When I worked downtown at EA, the only type of coffee I could stand drinking was the french vanilla. I decided what the hell, it was a Friday and the caffeine wouldn’t cause me any problems because I could stay up late.

I believe this was perhaps the third time in my life that I’d ever ordered a drink at Tim Hortons. I get my small french vanilla cappuccino and I bring it back upstairs to my apartment. I remove the lid and it smells great. It’s still super hot so I leave it for about two minutes to let it cool down some more. I take a sip and there it is, it’s like a little bit of heaven in my mouth. It was delicious. I drank the whole thing in almost a minute. I even briefly though about going right back down to get another. Maybe double fist?

I hesitated and instead looked up the nutritional info for this beverage. Of course, with something that tastes so good, it’s completely awful for you. If you look here, just a small contains almost 30g of sugar and 9g of fat. The caffeine content isn’t so good either. A small contains 60mg of the vroom-vroom, which is more than a can of Coke.

This didn’t stop me from getting a large french vanilla this Saturday but I felt bad about it afterwards though. During the consumption, however, oh man that’s good stuff.

I feel like this will be a pitched battle going forward. Maybe we can keep it to one small on the weekends?

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