I had a job interview today. Of course, my body also chose today to wake itself up early in the morning and then refuse to let me go back to sleep. I think I might had five hours of sleep in total. I don’t think it affected my performance too much at the interview, at least I hope it didn’t. We’ll find out soon enough.

Anyways, the interview was pleasant enough but I also found it drained a lot of energy out of me. On the way home, I feel asleep on the train. I then had a social engagement downtown this evening that I had to attend that had nothing to do with the JT and Jay-Z concert nor the fireworks. Luckily, I was able to get away before either of those events ended but I was near exhaustion by then.

Once I got home, I ate a slice of pizza and now I’m ready to crawl into bed. It’s just after midnight and this is the earliest I’ve wanted to go to bed in months. Good night folks!

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