I did another time-lapse video on the weekend. I wanted to see what a sunny day would look like. My previous video was on a fairly cloudy day, which turned out to be great actually. For contrast, this time was a blue sky day.

I also endeavoured to cut out all the boring stuff, which is when the it’s just pitch black. I started recording right before sunrise and stopped it after it got completely dark. As you can see, if you’re recording just the sky on a sunny, relatively cloudless day, it makes for a ho-hum video. I didn’t get the movement of the sun for the majority of the video, so there’s nothing really to look at. I think I’m done with time-lapses with on sunny and cloudy days now. I think doing one on a snowy day would be pretty interesting. It seems like it’s far off now but it’ll be just around the corner before the weather turns bad.

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