I don’t like to get caught up with stories about celebrities but an amazing revelation just surfaced at the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial. According to a report by CNN, Jackson went sixty days without getting any REM sleep, which is a phase of sleep that is critical to survival.

Apparently, Dr. Conrad Murray injected Jackson with a sedative that allowed him to be unconscious but was far from a state that could be considered sleep, thus the lack of the REM stage. It’s amazing that Dr. Murray decided this was a good idea. I wonder if he realized exactly what he was doing to Jackson at the time. I’m somewhat interested in this because I have weird sleeping patterns as I love to stay up late.

According to the CNN report, if this was indeed true, Michael Jackson would be the first human in recorded history to go that long without REM sleep. I am sure he holds many world records but that’s one no one wishes he had.

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